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Expectations Versus Reality of Online Casino Games

Expectations Versus Reality of Online Casino Games

Online casino games aren’t new concepts for regular online gamblers or the general public. Yet, people have created wrong online gambling ideas over the years due to misinformation and broad stereotypes. There are plenty of live casino websites that are straightforward with their games, structure, and rule.

One such good example is joker388 which streams some of the best online slot games for slot players in Asia. 

People usually have many expectations and end up comparing land-based slot machines with online slot games. But the reality is quite different from the expectations. If you would like to know some general misconceptions that people have on slot games, continue reading this article. 

  • Lesser chances of winning

Most people believe that online casinos do not give you enough chances to win exciting prizes, unlike land-based casinos. The truth is online slot games provide ample opportunity to redeem your money. In fact, you can earn more using bonus games, free spins, jackpots and multipliers. Some slot game websites also conduct tournaments for their players so that they get a chance to win additional rewards. 

  • Online slot machines do not generate random numbers.

This is an untrue statement. The online slot machines like joker388 use a technology named RNG which stands for Random Number Generator. This technology produces random numbers for each spin and determines the outcome. How are these verified, you ask? There are international bodies and online gambling governing acts that check online slot machine technologies. They also certify them based on their authenticity.

  • You expect to win at least once

Online slot machine developers design them to make you believe that you will win a game at some point. Some people get so engaged in the game that they don’t realize these games are for fun. They start playing for money, which is where the expectation puts an end to a good gambling experience. Although slot machine losses are less expensive than other types of online casino games, it does affect your budget. 

  • If you play for a long time, you might win.

This is a partial truth. Sometimes playing for a longer duration can help you stick to your budget. But it does not mean your chances of winning increase. Your chances of reaching a target goal may increase with maximum bets in lesser time. However, the odds of winning still remain the same. Therefore, make a wise decision and don’t just blindly follow whatever suggestion you find online.

  • You can play across all platforms.

There is a general misconception that people have about online gambling accessibility. People believe online slots are compatible with any device. While most online casino developers provide virtual experiences on browsers, very few offer the same on smartphones. Some gambling software is compatible with tablets, but developers believe it does not give the same experience as the website. 


With the internet advancing every day, newer features get added to online slot games’ technology. Good news is that the misconception that people have will slowly clear as gaming experiences get better over time. Now that we have aligned your expectation and reality somewhat, you would like to try your hand at online slot games? If yes, then check out joker388 now!

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