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Top 5 Sports To Bet On

Top 5 Sports To Bet On

Singapore has grown enough to have enough sportsbook betting Singapore options. Not only Singapore, but almost every country around has enough options as of now. While that sounds impressive, the reality can be more complicated and make it more difficult for you to choose. Leaving out the rest, below are five sports that you should surely try betting on:


The sport that got its roots in the UK, Football, is now known globally and one of the most popular sports anywhere. Football has lots and lots of tournaments, both regional and international, along with leagues that excite them. Over/under bet is the most acknowledged and considered since its statistics are comparatively easy to use, despite being hard to predict the team foreseeing to win. Double chance is another commonly played bet, where a player gets to bet on two possible outcomes out of 3 at the same time.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is an exciting game; however, horse race betting is more fun. If not for all, at least for the punters. It is also believed that this game would not even exist today had it been not for the betting. Show and Place are the two betting recommendations out of others.

In Show, your horse must either be in first, second, or third place to win. But the thing is, the payout rate is low here; likewise, the losing risk is low. On the other hand, your horse has to be in the second or first place to win in the case of Place.


Just like football, Tennis was born in the UK and now is a global sport. The best thing about tennis betting is that you can bet at any point, match and also alter your betting strategy gradually as the game goes. This game also has many renowned bettors that enhance the game’s betting reputation and tell how worthy tennis betting is. The best tennis bets to try out are outright betting, handicap betting, and Over/Under Betting.


Even cricket was given to us by the UK and now, like others, have global attention. It is known not only for its gameplay but its betting chances as well. The end of this game can sometimes even take five days. In the time being, you can think wisely and then rectify your betting mistakes. You may also cancel the bets if you wish. In case you are already fixed with your cricket betting, maybe go for Number of Boundaries, Most Match Sixes, and Man of the Match.


Again from the British, Rugby is now mainstream in countries like France, Italy, and Ireland. When it comes to betting options, rugby is not much distinguished from football. Handicap bets, Winning margin, Top scorer in a tournament or series are the best betting options in Rugby.


There is not much information out here regarding sports betting. And while there are many rumors regarding the high winning possibility and that you rarely lose on sports betting, it is often not disclosed that people lose too. Even the most popular and clever sports bettors lose, just that their winning odds are more than losing.

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