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How not to get blacklisted from an online casino

How not to get blacklisted from an online casino

It is a known fact that having your name on a blacklist is by no means a good thing. When it comes to the iGaming industry, it is not just the online casinos that can get blacklisted; players too can be blacklisted by online casinos. An online player blacklist works much the same as an online casino blacklist in that it is created to stop the operations of a certain individual or group of individuals within the industry due to the individual’s/group corrupt behaviour. A player can be blacklisted by just one online casino but once other online casinos get wind of the name and the circumstances preceding the blacklisting, the player may soon find himself without an online casino to play at.

Your account

Your account is the basis of contact between you and the online casino you are playing at. Thus providing the correct information as it is requested is important in keeping your account intact. Where a player refuses or takes much longer than reasonable timing to present identity documents for verification purposes, he may be blacklisted by the casino as this is often a sign for fraud. Also, giving false information to begin with is unacceptable to online casinos so they will blacklist you if you took your account setup as a joke. Additionally, your account information is meant to be held between you and the online casino – no one else. Sharing of your personal information such as login details is a security risk that you create that may end up having detrimental effects for both you and the casino.


Banking transactions are where most of the security concerns lie. While some players have been reported to be making fraudulent payments to online casinos, others abuse casinos bonuses and many others dispute credit card payments they know they actually authorized. All these are sure-fire ways of getting blacklisted.


In any aspect of life, cheating is a punishable misdemeanour. In online casinos, it comes in many different forms including using unacceptable methods to make winnings at the tables and/or slots. Often, online casinos record all their winning players for promotional reasons. This, however, is also a tool for them to track the patterns of players who may be cheating. If one player wins repeatedly at one specific game, the player may end up being blacklisted.

Other conduct

Other forms of unacceptable behaviour may get players blacklisted from online casinos. this includes abusing other members on the casino forums and chat rooms, disrespecting the casino staff, spamming the casino and its boards, forums and email correspondences to its various departments.

Gambling addiction

Online casinos cannot monitor every single detail of every single player’s playing patterns. It is therefore impossible for them to pick up whenever a player is showing signs of addiction. However, casinos may be tipped off by loved ones of gambling addicts regarding their playing habits and then the casino has a legal and ethical obligation to blacklist the player. Alternatively, the player himself may request the casino to place him on the self-exclusion list in which case his account will be deactivated and he will not be able to open a new one for a certain number of years.

Although blacklisting a player for “winning too much” is unjust, an online casino can create a loophole here based on its terms and conditions which will make it look like the player is cheating. So, the general rule to avoid being blacklisted is to follow the guidelines as set out in the online casino’s FAQ, legal agreements, help and Ts&Cs pages.

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