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Online Video Poker

Online Video Poker

Online video poker is one of the newest additions to the gambling world having only been invented in the early 70’s by a Las Vegas Casino. They wanted to provide their players with a game that was as similar to play as slots, yet still allowed them to play an active role in the outcome of the games, thereby providing more entertainment than your average slots game ever could. This resulted in the combining of an ordinary slots machine with a game of five card draw poker, which provides players with all the thrills of a poker game plus the simplicity and speed of playing slots.

Online Video Poker in a Nutshell

Online video poker is a game of skill and experienced players can have more consistent sessions than your average slots machine player. You will be able to learn to play it while not having a thorough knowledge of poker or the poker hands as the machine will automatically calculate which hand you have. That being said, you will do better with a certain amount of poker knowledge as it will assist you in foreseeing the potential of a future hand. Should you want to read a thorough how to guide, we have one available as well as a detailed video poker strategy guide which will teach you the tricks of the trade and help you win a little more.

Playing Online Video Poker

With the technology available to online gamblers, it has never been easier to enjoy a few games of video poker and with the addition of the mobile casino; you can play using your Smartphone or Tablet PC. This means you will be able to play at home or when you’re sitting in early morning or afternoon traffic and even when you have a few minutes to spare on your lunch break. If you’re a little unsure about spending money or if you don’t want to lose too much due to inexperience, you can play free video poker as many of the online casinos will allow members to use casino credits to play for free.

Online Video Poker vs Online Slots

The slot machine was invented to provide gamblers with a simple, yet exciting game to play and it was this simplicity that made them so popular. However some felt that that a game of skill was needed, although large amounts of money was being won. This is why video poker was invented as it would offer players a quick and simple game to play, but it would be one that would allow them to have an active hand in the outcome of the games. Players could choose which cards they felt would make the best hands, one of the most exciting aspects of any game and one that made playing video poker extremely exciting.

Quick, Simple and Enjoyable to Play

Convenience is what online gamblers appreciate the most and as such, video poker has worked its way into the hearts and minds of many. It is quick to play, a hand taking no longer than 30 seconds to complete, it is easy to understand, all you need to know is basic poker rules and most importantly, it is enjoyable to play. It will provide you with hours upon hours of entertainment regardless if you play free video poker or if you play for real. So if you fancy a spot of gambling, you can’t go wrong with playing online video poker.

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