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Slots Payout Schedule

Slots Payout Schedule

Before you commence game play, a player has to understand the features and payouts offered by the slot game. Some jackpots and other payouts can only be triggered when playing max bet so it is wise for one to read the payout schedule before you commence game play.

By understanding the slot payout schedules, one is able to know the symbols that offer a huge payout and how many symbols need to be triggered to trigger the payout. Most online slots show the payout schedule on top of each slot machine but they do not outline all payout combinations. A video slot machine will only outline the highest payouts and symbols. For you to get all the payout details, you certainly need to read the review of the slot game.

Some online reviews provide detailed information regarding the payouts and most online slot games offer more than 20 payout combinations. However, most 5-reel slot games offer an addition screen that outlines the payout schedule and the only problem comes when a player selects a 3-reel / classic slot that shows the payout schedule on the same screen as the slot machine at which it will not provide all the details. By understanding the payout schedule, a player is able to know whether the top jackpot is triggered on max bet, you can simply trigger the jackpot by activating all payline, or it is triggered on an active payline.

The payout schedule will show the number of coins triggered when you hit 2, 3, 4, and 5 matching symbols respectively. The payout schedule will also provide information for the scatter symbol if it offers a multiplier value. The scatter symbol is usually shown at the bottom of the payout schedule and shows the multiplier value awarded when you hit 2, 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. With most online slot games, the scatter symbols is marked ‘scatter’.

Other slot gaming manufacturers have made it simpler for their players to check the payouts for each symbol. A user can simply click on any symbol shown on screen and it reveals the payouts for that particular symbol. However, if the symbol is not shown on screen, a player can alternatively click on link ‘payout schedule’ to reveal all symbols and their payouts.

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