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Baccarat Strategy Guide

Baccarat Strategy Guide

Baccarat is one of the simplest, yet most enjoyable casino games to play and if you can get your hands on a decent baccarat strategy will allow you to play more efficiently and more effectively. That being said though, the simplicity of baccarat means that many of the traditional betting strategies and playing techniques will not work. Techniques like card counting especially will be completely useless when playing as baccarat decks are reshuffled after each hand, making it impossible to keep track of the cards.

Baccarat Strategy – A General Overview

Even though there are a few ways you can play online Baccarat that will help you to play a more effective game, they are in no way guaranteed to make you win nor are they completely foolproof. The simplicity of Baccarat and the fact that the deck is reshuffled after each game is what makes playing with or even developing a betting strategy impossible. There are a few ways designed to maximise wins and minimise losses, but, as it is with all betting strategies found on, they are not completely infallible and will never work 100% of the time. So instead of providing you with a list of fake techniques and made up strategies, we will simply offer you a few guidelines that will enable you to play online baccarat more effectively.

A Few Quick Baccarat Strategy Tips

  • No matter what anybody ever says to you, the Martingale System will never work when playing Baccarat.
  • Don’t bother with trying to count the cards as the deck is reshuffled after each hand.
  • Be very careful when betting on the game to be tied as the odds are 14.1% in favour of the house.
  • Never place more than two bets at a time. Betting on all three sections (no matter how big or small the various bets are) will never work. You will either end up breaking even or losing money.
  • Do not waste your time keeping track of the hands. The odds are always 50/50 and no matter what the previous hand was, there is absolutely no way to tell what the next one might be, much like flipping a coin.

1-3-2-6 Betting Strategy

This particular baccarat strategy involves placing bets in such a manner that will allow you to carefully control your money and how it spent and lost. It involves placing a series of bets that will ensure you never lose more than $2 at a time, but when you win, you will be able to continuously win fairly substantial amounts of money. The first bet you will make is $1, if you win, you will increase your bet to $3, if you win again, you will then bet another $2, if you win for a third consecutive time, the bet will be increased to $6. Should you win each hand, you would have won a total of $12. If you lose at any point, you will need to start the process again, so if you lose after the first round, you continue with the $1, if you lose after the third round, you would have only spent $6 but you would have won $12, so the end loss would only be $2.

Spread Betting

This betting technique involves placing two bets on two different section of the table (As seen below). The first is and always will be a “Tie” bet. The second will involve placing a bet on either the banker to win, or the player. The trick to this technique is only placing 10% of your total bet on the tie. So if you placed $100 on the banker to win, you would then place $10 on the game to be a tie. Should the game be a tie, the payout will be $90 on the tie and $190 on the banker, equaling a total payout of $190. Should you lose though, you will only be $10 worse, a small loss considering the size of the win.

Banker Bets

In Online Baccarat, the house edge sits at 1.06%, the Banker Bet at 1.24% with the Player Bet sitting at 14.36%. The smart Online Baccarat player then, will place a chip on the Banker Bet and never move it. The chances of winning are always higher when playing with the house. This also works with the various Baccarat Strategies we have talked about above and if you want to walk away from the tables a winner, your best bet is the Banker Bet.

A brilliant game all round

All in all, Online Baccarat is one of the most enjoyable casino games you are ever likely to play. Its simplicity will allow you to sit back, drink in hand and enjoy yourself. Such is the popularity of the game in Europe and Asia, it has achieved the status of the biggest earner behind the ever popular slot machines. VIP baccarat in Macau alone had gross revenues of $26.36 Billion. So if you are looking to play, study a baccarat strategy and head on down to an online casino and play it immediately.

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