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Online Sic Bo Strategy Guide

Online Sic Bo Strategy Guide

Like many other casino games, there is no foolproof way to win when playing online Sic Bo, but a decent Sic Bo Strategy will help you to play more efficiently. The basic aim of Online Sic Bo is to correctly guess which numbers the dice will land on. Unfortunately, this is a lot harder than it sounds and the house edge for online Sic Bo is among the highest of all casino games. Learning an online Sic Bo strategy mainly entails learning which bets will give you the slightest of advantages over the house and which bets are the easiest to make. These bets include: the Single Bet, the Two Dice Bet and the 3 Dice Bet as well as the outside bets: Small or Big Bets and the Pair Bet.

Sic Bo Strategy – Centre Board Bets

Single bet

The single bet, which is found at the bottom of the board on the left hand side, will allow you to bet that the dice will land on any numbers 1 – 6. If a single dice lands on the chosen number, you will double your money (payout of 1:1). If two of the dice land on your chosen number, the payout will increase to 2:1, if three dice land on that number (a 33% chance), the payout increases once again to 3:1. As simple as this sounds, it should be noted that the house advantage (8%) is quite high and the chances of this bet continually working are very slim.

Two dice bet

The two dice bets can be made at the centre of the table, at the bottom. This bet will offer you the chance to select numbers, 1 – 6 and place a bet on them. The odds for this bet are slightly lower than normal, standing at a house edge of 17%. The payouts for this betting structure are 6:1, which, if used correctly, can lead to some very decent payouts. That being said, the chances of this method working continuously are fairly slim so it should be used with discretion.

Three of a kind betting

This betting sequence can be located once again at the centre, right at the very top of the Online Sic Bo board. This betting method will give you the opportunity to guess the total number of all three of the dice will be exactly the same. Even though this is a risky bet, the payout (24:1) makes it worth the risk. But, the house edge for this bet is very high and will sit at 17%.

Small or Big Bets

The small or big betting option on Online Sic Bo is situated at the top of the board on both the left and right hand sides. This Sic Bo Strategy will require that you correctly predict the outcome of what all three dice will add up to, either high or low. This is an extremely popular betting strategy as the odds are exactly 1:1. To win the small bet (located on the left side of the board), you will need to correctly guess that the combined numbers will add up to between 4 and 10 while the big bet (located on the right side of the board) will entail the dice adding up to between 11 and 17.

Pair Betting

This Sic Bo Strategy bet is one of the more difficult ones to predict, but as with the triple betting strategy, it is well worth it if it hits as the payout sits at 8:1 with the house advantage only being 33%. This bet entails that you correctly guess two dice landing on the same number, which although sounds quite tricky, will happen quite a lot.


The real trick to winning in Sic Bo is to combine all the above bets during the course of a game. This will make sure that you not only cover the whole board, but that you give each bet equal opportunity to make you money. If you are a bit hesitant to bet it all and go big on the first roll, start slowly with the 1:1 bets and then work your way up to the bigger, riskier bets. This will ensure that your Sic Bo Strategy has a good chance of working and will also ensure that you will be able to manage your money effectively and play for longer.

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